A freeware integrated text editor/player/viewer for abc music files.

BarFly is now obsolete, and I am unable to update it to work under current Apple operating systems. While it still works under OS 10.6.8 and earlier you can no longer register it through Kagi, so if you wish to make use of it please use the following free registration code:
Name : Free
Reg# : F4E1-B981-22B0-7247

Current version of BarFly is 1.75 This version offers the following new features:

There are three versions of BarFly, one for very old Macs and for running on a PC under one of the Mac emulators, a Classic version which runs almost everywhere, and a Carbon version for OS X. Only the Carbon version is now being developed - I will still fix bugs in the older versions, but probably will not be adding any new features.

You can download it here.

What's abc?

abc is a system of notation for music which uses ordinary ASCII text to represent the symbols which you would normally write on music manuscript. It is simple, human-readable, and if you can touch type it is much faster to enter abc at the keyboard than it is to use a graphical music program to place notes on a staff using the mouse. Because it's plain old ASCII, you can use it to post music to newsgroups (it's very bad netiquette to post MIDI, GIF or other binary files to text-only newsgroups) email tunes to your friends, or use it as a highly efficient way of storing music (you can store thousands of tunes on a single floppy disk).

abc was invented by Chris Walshaw, and for a complete description of the language, links to other software and music collections in abc go to his abc home page.

What do I need to run it?

There are versions to run on (just about) any old Macintosh, from a IIci to a MacBook Pro. At the moment there is no Universal Binary available, but the Carbon version runs fine under Rosetta on Intel Macs. You can run the "old" version on PCs under a Mac emulator such as Basilisk II.

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